Community Jam 1
An Ode to Springtime


Springtime is here now, and what better way is there to celebrate the arrival of this beautiful season than with the creation of a gorgeous new work of art? The purpose of this contest is to inspire interactive artwork rooted in lines of poetry.


Craft a playable artistic masterpiece based on an existing poem of your choice or your own original poem. Your level may or may not incorporate the text of the poem; the choice is yours.

Required Submissions

  • One published artistic masterpiece in Dreams.
  • One entry submission thread linking to your entry's page in the Entry Submission subforum.
  • One thread about your level in the Creations and Discoveries forum.


  • $20.00 cash prize (available as PS Store credit if preferred).
  • Prominent display of your level in the Winners' Circle subforum.
  • Highly exclusive Contest Winner user title.
  • Access to a secret subforum for contest winners.
  • Upload of your level to our official YouTube channel.


All submissions are strictly due on June 19, 2020, at 11:59:59 p.m. PST.


  1. Your entry must include (CJ1) in the title to designate it as an entry into this contest.
  2. Your entry may not be initially published before or after the deadline.
  3. Your entry may not be re-published after the deadline without explicit prior permission from a contest judge.
  4. Your entry and everything in it must be entirely your own original work, and everything must be made from scratch specifically for this contest. Nothing may be stolen, copied, or remixed. Use of community creations is strictly prohibited.
  5. You may work with collaborators, but only the level publisher is eligible to receive prizes. All collaborators must be clearly credited in the level description.
  6. The judges must be able to play and complete your level. Ensure that the level is thoroughly tested, loads correctly, is free of bugs and glitches, and doesn't lag, freeze, or crash.
  7. Your entry may not contain any inappropriate or copyrighted material. If it is subject to moderation, we will disqualify it from the contest.

Questions and Answers

Please post general questions in this thread so all forum users can view the answers, which we will endeavor to post as soon as possible. If you have a question specific to your entry, you may message me or another administrator or contest judge. Our staff is always available and ready to assist you with whatever you may need.

Judging Process

The judges will play every entry at least once and evaluate them on their visuals, gameplay, audio, and originality. Entries will be reviewed and scored according to a judging rubric.


Results will be posted within a few days of the end of the contest and will include a ranking of the entries with each entry's score and feedback from the judges. This will allow you to gauge how close you are to winning, learn what the judges liked and disliked about your entry, and discover how you can improve next time to raise your chance of winning.