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Thread: Official Forum Rules and Consequences

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    Official Forum Rules and Consequences

    Official Dreams Community Forum Rules
    Effective as of December 28, 2019. Updated December 28, 2019, at 12:30 p.m. PST.

    The following forum rules apply to all forum users, who are expected to abide by all rules at all times to prevent disciplinary action. Potential consequences of rule violation are discussed in detail at the end of this post. All rules are subject to change, and every effort will be made to inform users of any changes that occur in a timely manner. Questions about the rules in general or any specific rule or consequence may be publicly posted in this thread or addressed specifically to Creator_B by private message.

    I. Spam Posting

    Spamming the forum is strictly prohibited. We define a spam post as any post that is nonsensical, irrelevant, or otherwise of little value to the discussion. Meme images and bump posts are likewise classified as spam. Advertisements are classified as spam unless they are Dreams-related.

    II. Thread Derailing/Off-Topic Posting

    Posts that are irrelevant to the core topic of discussion as established in the opening post of a forum thread are deemed off-topic and subject to removal at the discretion of any Moderator or User Assistant. We trust the judgment of all Moderators; however, if you feel that a post of yours has been unfairly deleted, you may send an appeal to a User Assistant in the form of a private message (not a visitor message). All decisions made by User Assistants are final.

    III. Impersonation

    Users are prohibited from impersonating staff members, including Moderators, Super Moderators, User Assistants, Contest Judges, and Spotlighters. Furthermore, impersonation of Sony or Media Molecule employees is not tolerated. Users may not feign possession of exclusive privileges not assigned to them. For example, regular members may not threaten to lock threads.

    IV. Phishing

    Any and all attempts to obtain confidential personal information, such as credit card information, is strictly disallowed. Private information should not be shared anywhere on the fansite, and Dreams Community, including all its staff, assumes no responsibility for any compromise of personal information that occurs on the site or any affiliated communication channel.

    V. Hacking

    Hacking or attacking the fansite, user accounts, our YouTube channel, or any other account associated with Dreams Community is strictly prohibited and severely punished.

    VI. Trolling

    Trolling the forum is strictly prohibited. We define a troll as any user who deliberately disturbs forum discussion for the purpose of entertainment or amusement.

    VII. Flaming/Inflammatory Posting

    Hostile communication is strictly prohibited as we expect all forum users to refrain from provoking others. Please remain civil and polite in all interactions with other forum users.

    VIII. Promotion of Rival Sites

    We strictly prohibit advertising for competing Dreams fansites as such advertising promotes community division and is counterproductive to our objective of establishing a loyal, united, and peaceful userbase. Similarly, constructive criticism of the site is acceptable, but insults and offensive comments warrant disciplinary action.

    IX. Bullying and Harassment

    As a member of our community, you are expected to behave civilly at all times. Please be respectful of all other fansite members and users. Insults, threats, and offensive comments will not be tolerated, regardless of any perceived justification.

    X. Vulgarity and Obscenity

    Vulgar and/or obscene content is not acceptable anywhere on our fansite, YouTube channel, PS4 Community, or any other communication channel affiliated with Dreams Community. Inappropriate content may not be posted, discussed, or linked. Foul language may be censored, and attempts to bypass censorship will result in penalty.

    XI. Cheating

    Cheating in contests is strictly prohibited and is defined as gaining an unfair competitive advantage over other contestants by violating a contest rule. Specific contest rules are to be followed exactly and are detailed in each contest announcement thread. In general, contest entries cannot be stolen, copyable, or shared between contestants from different teams. All contributors of any content to any contest entry, such as music or fonts, must be explicitly and clearly credited for their contributions. Attributions should be as specific as possible. Contest entries must be unlocked and playable without significant performance issues, such as lag, freezing, or crashing. Contest judges must be able to complete entries, so they should not be so difficult or enigmatic as to prevent completion. Contest entries must be published for the first time within the contest period (that is, after announcement and by the deadline) and cannot be re-published after the deadline. Contestants are limited to submission of one entry per account.

    XII. Aesthetic Disturbance

    We expect all forum posts to be aesthetically pleasing as they are representative of the quality of the forum and fansite in general. Please avoid using excessively large or small font sizes. Also avoid difficult-to-read or unsightly fonts and font colors that are too bright, light, or otherwise garish. Dark font colors are preferred for higher contrast. Moderators and User Assistants solely reserve the right to edit the stylistic settings of any post that does not meet aesthetic standards.

    XIII. Post Content Hiding

    Hiding of content, including text and media, in one's posts, such as by embedding of content via HTML tagging, is strictly disallowed. All text must be clearly visible and readable to facilitate the work of moderators and therefore may not be camouflaged against the post background. Spoiler alerts must be implemented via visibility toggle buttons as opposed to hidden white text.

    XIV. Abusive Account Creation

    Multiple accounts may be registered per IP address without penalty, but we prohibit any one person from owning multiple accounts. We ban all identified alternate accounts, defined as any secondary accounts owned by the same person who has already registered a main account. Users may message a User Assistant to request a username change if desired.

    XV. Ban Evasion

    Any alternate account discovered to be linked to a currently banned account will also be banned to prevent user circumvention of account bans.

    Consequences of Rule Violation

    Disciplinary actions for rule violations will typically occur in the following order but ultimately depend on the severity and frequency of offense.

    1. A warning from a User Assistant or Moderator.
    2. A second warning from a User Assistant or Moderator.
    3. Silence, defined as the temporary inability to post but with preservation of all other user privileges.
    4. Account suspension, defined as the temporary inability to sign in to a user account and therefore the complete restriction of access to all user privileges.
    5. Temporary account ban, defined to be essentially a suspension but for an indefinite amount of time. Forum moderation staff and administration will vote to decide when the ban is lifted, based on the case presented by the user.
    6. Permanent account ban, defined as an account ban that is never lifted.
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